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How long is an EORI code valid?

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The EORI code is the unique registration and identification number in the European Union used by any individual or legal entity to carry out customs operations within the EU.

In order to obtain an EORI code, you must submit an application to the General Directorate of Customs. After verifying the file, you will receive an EORI assignment notification. If you want to get the EORI code quickly and without hassle, you can send the necessary documents through the form on the website or by email at generare@cod-eori.ro.

We will submit the file to you at the General Directorate of Customs so that you can receive the EORI number by e-mail in approximately 1-2 working days. Once assigned, you will use the EORI number in all communications with the customs authorities of the Member States.

Validity of EORI code

If you have already received the EORI number from the National Customs Authority through the Regional Customs, this is normally valid for a period of 10 years, in the case of legal entities. There is also the possibility that an EORI code will be assigned for a shorter term, if the company has a loan / lease agreement for the registered office for a period of less than 10 years. Authorities should only be notified if one of the following situations occurs:

  • The company changes its registered office or name, so the Certificate of Registration from the Trade Register Office also changes.
  • Following the change of the Company Administrator, the Articles of Association of the company are amended. It needs to be updated at ONRC.
  • The company becomes a VAT payer, so it will be assigned a Certificate of Registration for VAT purposes.
  • A company that was a VAT payer at the date of assigning the EORI number is no longer a VAT payer, by the decision of ANAF.
  • The main CAEN code is changed.
  • The company’s headquarters is moved either to another sector in Bucharest or to another city / village.
  • Individual changes their ID card (after changing their name, for example).
  • The individual’s ID card expires.

How to make the necessary changes quickly

The existence of incorrect or incomplete data may lead to the impossibility of carrying out customs clearance formalities. That is why it is important to notify the Regional Customs Directorate when there are changes to the data contained in the application for the EORI code and in the documents attached to it.

Careful! Updating the EORI number is only necessary when the registered office is changed, not the working points. For individuals, the EORI code is assigned for the domicile, not for the residence. For personalized advice on obtaining or modifying the EORI code, you can quickly apply on the Cod EORI website.

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