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What you need to know when importing to Romania?

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Do you want to start a business with imported products? In order to carry out goods import activities in our country without any problems, you need to know a series of information:

What does it mean to import goods?

According to the provisions of the Fiscal Code (art. 274), the import of goods represents the introduction on the territory of the European Union of goods that are not in free circulation.

VAT payment

VAT is generally charged on imports of goods, with a few exceptions. According to the Europa.eu website, VAT differs depending on the goods sold, the buyer and the destination where the products are transported.

For the VAT deduction, the following supporting documents will be presented:

  • the customs import declaration or the deed stating that the taxable person is the importer of the goods from the point of view of VAT
  • documents proving payment of VAT by the importer or by another person on his account.

ANAF published on the institution’s website the informative material: “Aspects regarding the tax treatment of VAT in the case of imports of goods in Romania”, in which taxpayers can find the latest information on imports of goods in Romania. The material can be consulted for more details.

EU regulations applicable to the product

Before placing products on the EU market, the importer must ensure that they comply with EU requirements relating to human and animal health, environmental protection and consumer rights. These may be uniform rules and regulations at European level or rules and regulations administered by each EU country but recognized by the EU; this is the principle of mutual recognition.

EORI code

We cannot talk about customs operations without mentioning the EORI code, the unique code that the European Union has introduced since the 1st of July 2009 and which is regulated by Regulation (EU) no. 952/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on 9th of October 2013 laying down the Customs Code of the European Union. The EORI code can be used as a common reference in relations with customs authorities, but also for the exchange of information between customs authorities and other authorities designated by the Member States.

Any entity carrying out import, export, transit, storage activities must obtain an EORI number.

In Romania, the competent authority for the registration and granting of EORI numbers is the National Customs Authority. To quickly solve the problem and get the EORI code in 1-2 days, it is best to turn to our team of specialists.

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